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Cute Natasha here is so crazy about yummy, fresh fruitties, that shes decided to open her own fruit delight store. Clients have quickly grown curious and fascinated by her candy-colored, mouth-watering pastry products and fruit juices and keep coming into her store. Would you help her serve their favorite desserts on time, playing the Natashas fruitties management game? Take a quick look at the small image featuring the clients favorite fruit dessert, then quick, start preparing it and serve it to the customer in due time? We have a banana juice lover, so hurry up, give a click on the fruits, there in the back, then on the fruit juice maker and in the end serve it to the customer. Great! Now, how about a delicious, apple pie for that cute girl? Theres not time to linger on, when you play the Natashas fruitties management game, so get the pie warmed up in the oven and make this client happy!


Play using mouse.